fredag 5. desember 2008

Different approach on blogging.

Decided to take a new approach to the blogging thing, and start writing about my thoughts instead of only WoW(i will still keep you up on that to though).

So i have listened to a song lately, it was one of those songs wich had something extra to it. It's called "Human" by "The Killers".

As with many others i really wondered why they sang "Are we human, or are we dancer?". So i google'd it, and i found out that it was taken from a quote given by Hunter S. Thompson, where he claimed that America was raising a generation of dancers. At first it didn't give any sense to me, but i knew he had a point, cause he was a very smart man. After reading about the guy on wikipedia, and reading some other blogg's I understood what he meant.

"Hunter S. Thompson meant that the US was making people afraid of stepping out of place and following their own beat. He was saying that people were only following the steps they were tiaught, and were also taught not to change them. In the song "Human" one of the lines is "Some times I get nervous when I see an open door". By this he meant that he is afraid to take different opportunties when they are presented to him, because living in the US has made us all afraid to go against what we've thought for all our lives. That is what Thompson."

This is taken from a forum post, but it was such a good description that i decided to post it here.

I kept listening to the song, and noticed very well that this is the exact meaning "The Killers" had to.
"cut the cord", meaning to cut loose from rules and norms of the society. "and I'm on my knees looking for the answer", not connected to wire's, but on he's knees looking for a meaning.

I'm generally not a fan of music like this. But, as I stated above, this song grabbed me. Probably cause I feel the same way. I have a problem with accepting a such dull and boring lifestyle that most of us have today, aren't we meant for something else, something bigger? I feel we're all robots controlled by so called "big people", and we're not doing what we individually want, I don't see a future going to the same work everyday doing thing's i don't really like, I don't think that's what is meant for us.

I have also read alot about Hunter S. Thompson. Many people saw him as a weird guy, but i think he was one of those who saw the world for what it is, hyppocratic, and disturbing. He basically "said things like it is".

"He never had to be pleasant, and no one ever described him that way. He was the jaded and sarcastic voice in times and places that generally had hypocricy instead. You don't have to respect his actions, but his words and intentions behind them are from a person that could barely take a world that was more unpleasant than him. "

This was taken from a comment on a interview with him on youtube.

So this is pretty much what I think about these days, hope it's not too Cliché'ish and stupid^^

onsdag 20. februar 2008

OP Resto druid in arena? why not?


So i logged on my druid(I had resently specced resto for a Gruul run), wich i dont really do much anymore. A friend had been farming some honor on it while i was'nt playing(for some reason he loves resto druid's way of healing). We(me and my friends on Lightning's Blade) decided that i should start doing arena again, since i hadn't been doing it lately. So i tried a few matches(didn't have to do so many since they had been doing some with a retri paladin), think we got to about 1550 or so. Then when we were done the rogue said: Meeeh, i wanna do more. So i said: Wanna try some 2vs2? Rogue & Resto druid?. And he said: ye sure, why not?

The team had about 1620 i think, and we hopped in. We won the first match, and i was like.. woah, im a resto noob and still we can stay on this rating! We kept playing, and I was really amazed when i saw that we kept winning and winning! We were at about 1680 rating, when we lost one game. We both got a little mad cuz we lost with little margins. But we kept playing(as irritated as we was) and we kept loosing till we were at 1570 or so >.<

I guess that's the name of the game, but i at least learned something: Resto druid IS OP in arena!

tirsdag 19. februar 2008

Epic Flying Mount


Been doing dailys and other quests for a month or so now, have had some time before this were i havent bothered to farm money at all. It started for about half a year ago(think its a little less), i decided that when my cousin got one, i want one to! So i started doing 6-7 dailys per day + other quests(netherstorm, shadowmoon..), and got to about 2k gold. Then i had a break for some months like i said earlier. Then a month ago i started again, really going for it!

So there i was, standing some weeks later with 4600 gold sent to my main from my bank. I sold pretty much everything that people would buy at ah, to get there. It was'nt really enough, but i said to myself: Today IMA getting that epic flying mount!
So i managed to borrow 500g there, 200 there, 100 there, and another 200g from someone. Then i had 5000g!!!

I think it was pretty nice that i had been doing dailys so much that i was exalted with Sha'ari Skyguards, and therefore could buy the Netherwing Ray!

So now im currently flying through Outland on my flying fish. Its really nice, though i only have like 50g, and will have to start clearing Outland for quests or something:D

mandag 28. januar 2008

I haz no plaitime:(

Haven't had playtime for about a week now, but i dont really think much of it. Cant really afford a new on either, but i guess thats the life for a 17-year old, not having any money:P

onsdag 23. januar 2008

new to blogging

Im new to blogging and i got the idea of starting one from my cousin, wich u can find at

I will soon start typing